Weston McKennie’s Volley Versus Barcelona

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McKennie volley versus Barcelona: the Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie volley versus Barcelona is a work of art. McKennie, the US Men’s National team player, doubled the Juventus lead when acrobatically smashed the volley into the back of the net. It’s really a shame no fans were there in the Camp Nou stadium to see this goal. The Barcelona fans may have even cheered the volley is was so genius.

Just an amazing and picturesque volley from McKennie. And it seems he’s becoming quite comfortable at Juventus. Even wearing roller shoes to get around! Hopefully McKennie will stay at Juventus for a long time and become a legend at the club.

He plays a lovely give and go and gets the ball back in the middle of the box and takes his chance perfectly. He is a star now in world football I’d say. And this was a Champions League match to boot. I think Cristiano Ronaldo was even impressed with Weston McKennie’s volley. It’s a lovely chip pass by Juan Cuadrado  back to McKennie too.

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen had no chance at saving the point blank volley by McKennie. He would also celebrate the goal by kissing the camera. Surely this is the best goal he has ever scored in his professional soccer career.

Watch the Weston McKennie volley versus Barcelona.

McKennie feels like he can now play with those around him in the Serie A:

“In the beginning I was thinking, yeah, it’s a loan and it feels maybe like a year-long trial,” McKennie told Sports Illustrated in October. “But [now] I feel like I belong here. I feel like I found my new home. I feel like this is a level that I can play at, and these guys of this caliber are the ones I’ve been dreaming about playing with. So to realize that I can keep up with these guys, I can play with these guys, I can play a role for this team and I can [make] an impact for this team, it doesn’t worry me as much as it may have in the beginning.”

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