Alphonso Davies Assist Versus Barcelona

Here’s video of the Alphonso Davies assist versus Barcelona. Davies of course used to play forward when he played in the MLS. So he knows how to take players on. And it’s well known that he’s got incredible speed. Thomas Muller jokingly called Davies Bayern Munich’s “Road Runner”. There was a “Beep, Beep” sound as Davies blew past Barcelona’s Nelson Semedo like he wasn’t even there.

With Davies speed, you got to give him more space or try to force him back into the middle where you have more defensive help. Sure, easy to say but Semedo was squared up to Davies and caught flat footed. Only saving grace for Semedo was the stands were empty and he didn’t embarrassingly fall down.

Barcelona and Bayern Munich faced off with a spot in the Champions League semifinals on the line in one of the most anticipated matches of the year.

The $22 million transfer fee paid to the MLS’ Vancouver Whitecaps looks pretty cheap these days.

Watch Alphonso Davies assist versus Barcelona. Davies is playing the game with a joy right now. He can’t be stopped. His dribbling run versus Barcelona and the assist to top it off crushed Barcelona and ended their chances of a come back.

One other thing that stands out in the Davies assist is how calm he is when he’s dribbling along the touch line. He waits and waits until he has an easy soft pass to play to Kimmich for the simple goal.

Here’s what Kimmich said about the Davies assist.

“That was unbelievable. I even was a bit ashamed when I celebrated,” Kimmich said. “He gets 99 percent credit for this goal. I only had to get the ball over the line.

“When we scored the fifth goal, it was over. Barcelona no longer believed. And we just played for the next goal.”