Will Pedri Lose the Ball in the World Cup?

Pedri passing accuracy is so good he might not lose the ball in Qatar. I’m half joking but this seriously could happen. Pedri might not lose the ball once during all the minutes he plays for Spain during the World Cup. Never miss plays a pass. Doesn’t miss controls the soccer ball. It could happen, right. There will be statisticians keeping track, too.

Famously of course, Pedri had a perfect passing game in his Euro 2020 semi final game versus Italy after ninety minutes. 55 passes to their intended target. Not sure how many passes that Pedri averages per game, but 55 passes without losing the ball is amazing.

What’s Pedri’s secret to keeping the soccer ball and making the right pass. He always knows what he wants to do before he gets it. He has three or four options in his head about what he is going to do if he gets the ball. He’s always adjusting his body to receive the ball in the best possible way. Both so he can protect the ball and shield it, and find the right pass.

But with such a tough World Cup group for Spain, having to face off against Germany, Japan, Costa Rica, it will be extremely difficult for Pedri to not lose the ball once or twice! If you have to pick one game it might be the Costa Rica match that Pedri achieves the perfect passing accuracy mark once again.

Surely Spain will have the majority of possession of the soccer ball during those games and Pedri will be key to that effort.

Sometimes the only way to stop him his to step on his shoe.

Could Pedri have a game where he reaches 100% passing accuracy? Right now, playing for Barcelona Pedri’s passing accuracy is over 90%. I’m guessing Pedri’s passing accuracy during the World Cup tournament will be over 90%.

Here’s a bit of Pedri’s story from Barcelona. We look back at the places that set Pedri on his path to becoming a footballer. Enjoy the whole story, told by those closest to the player, including his family, friends and his childhood coaches.

Another Spanish player who’s famous for his passing accuracy is Thiago. But he was left off the World Cup roster.