Only Way to Stop Pedri

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Pedri Loses Shoe

Tuta of Eintracht Frankfurt steps on Barcelona midfielder Pedri’s foot causing him to lose his shoe and receives a second yellow card and is sent off. Really, that might just be the only way to stop Pedri. Amazingly Pedri is just 19 years old and 132 pounds but is already causing havoc on the world football stage for both Spain and Barcelona.

Try Betstation’s best online sportsbooks. With Pedri anchoring the Barcelona midfield, and reviving the tikit taka possession style of play, you’d have to say Barcelona under manager Xavi are now back in form and will be favored to win La Liga in the coming years once again. While Real Madrid will be hard to dethrone, Barcelona are adding more players to help score more goals.

Pedri quote: “I don’t see it like that,” he said. “In football it’s better to have a brain and think a second before the opponent to get ahead of what they will do. I prefer to have a brain to muscle.”

Pedri’s got that grace and calmness on the soccer ball that’s beyond his years. What’s more, he’s now scoring goals too. Can understand why Tuta was perhaps frustrated and stepped on Pedri’s foot.

It’s incredible how quickly Pedri has come into his own playing for the first team for Barcelona. He plays without fear and don’t let the importance of the moment or game effect his play. And he must be exhausted after playing so many games for Spain and Barcelona this past year!

Pedri Shoeless

Image credit goes to CBS Golazo for the picture of a shoeless Pedri.

See Pedri lose his soccer shoe as Tuta steps on his foot in the video below. Fortunately Pedri wasn’t injured.

The question now for Barcelona is can they keep Pedri or will another club try to snap him up. Surely Pedri’s heart is with Barcelona but maybe he’d like to try playing in Italy, Germany or England.

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