Asprilla Bicycle Kick Goal

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Asprilla Bicycle Kick

In the 55th minute, Portland Timbers’ Dairon Asprilla delivered a world class bicycle kick goal that could possibly win goal of the year. The keeper bobbles the ball right to Asprilla who takes one juggle of the ball to get the ball up in the air and then pulls off a Zlatan Ibrahimovic like bicycle kick that sends the Timbers crowd into a much warranted frenzy.

“Asprilla said he thought about his late father after scoring that goal, someone he calls his superhero.”

Watch the Asprilla bicycle kick in the video below. The goal went viral of course all across Twitter and is in the running for one of the best MLS goals of all-time. And it made SportCenter’s top ten list. San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper Marcinkowski had no chance once Asprilla was in the air and the bicycle kick was in motion.

It’s not uncommon though for Asprilla to score incredible goals like this though for Portland. See Ibrahimovic’s bicycle kick against England which is very similar to the Asprilla goal. There is a question though why the last San Jose defender doesn’t try to clear the ball off the goal line. It almost seems like he could have gotten to the ball but it is all happening quite fast.

A message for youth soccer coaches, let your players try things. Yes, sometimes they won’t work but when they do it can change a team’s whole season. Perhaps this Asprilla goal will push the Timbers into the MLS playoffs with the spirit and confidence to win the whole thing.

Quite possibly the best goal you’ll ever see. Sweden vs England 11/14/2012. Joe Hart heads a ball up into the air, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, already on a hat-trick, launches into a ridiculous 30 yard overhead bicycle kick from outside the area.

Watch Ibrahimovic’s famous thirty yard bicycle kick in the video below.

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