Melia Body Slams Roldan

Goalkeeper Tim Melia body slams Cristian Roldan. Can you really blame Melia though….Roldan backs into the keeper on the goal line and Melia just wants him out of the way – yes it is a bit excessive, the body slam and all but he’s desperate to get Roldan out of the way! Keepers are very protective of their space! Roldan knows what he’s doing in back into Melia.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson even weighed on the Melia wrestling move. Saying it’s actually his wresting move Melia is using on Roldan! The Rock Bottom:

For watchers of the WWE around the turn of the millennium, it was certainly familiar. And the master of the move himself confirmed it was indeed an authentic Rock Bottom, the move The Rock used during his WWE heyday to claim many a victory.

Watch as Melia body slams Roldan in the video below. This isn’t a Coerver move their goalkeepers are learning I’m sure. I bet all the keepers in the world understand what Melia’s thinking here though. Roldan is purposely encroaching on his turf!

No red card for Melia for his body slam on Rodlan though, just a yellow. Which upset a lot of Sounders fans who though there should have been a red card on Melia for the wrestling take down and a penalty kick.