Zlatan Ibrahimovic Grabs Crotch

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had an assist and a goal in perhaps his last game in LA. As Ibrahimovic walked off the soccer field he was heckled by an LA FC fan and of course didn’t back down but grabbed his crotch and made a sort of kiss me facial expression.

I think Ibrahimovic is a little bit right in this quote below. He raised the level of play in the MLS and will be missed if he doesn’t return. At 37 he’s not what he used to be but he’s still amazingly good and demands his teammates match his level of play. The MLS needs more players like him who have not only incredible ability and skills on the ball but some personality and the desire to always win.

”I made Los Angeles FC famous. I even made Carlos Vela famous. They should be happy. Imagine if I’m not here anymore. If I stay it will be good for MLS because the whole world will be watching it. If I don’t stay, nobody will remember what MLS is.”

Would you expect anything less from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Would you want him to walk off the pitch in a subdued manner with his head down and not react to the fan. It’s not like he jumped into the stand and karate kicked a fan, a la Eric Cantona. I think grabbing his crotch is a minor offense if anything at all and hopefully he’s not fined or punished for the gesture. After all, what did the fan do or say to Ibrahimovic as he was leaving the field?