A Cross Bar Compilation

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A Cross Bar Compilation

If AC Milan’s Pirlo can do it why can’t you. If Manchester United has a crossbar competition why can’t you. That’s what these boys decided to do to some extent in the video below, with celebrations and all to boot, even a near Nani like flip. Well, not quite a Nani flip but a good attempt at least. Can you do a better crossbar challenge?

James Taube, James & Andrew (Davies) & Charlie Morgan’s crossbar compilation.


What challenges are you doing with your friends? Send us the videos and we’ll post them.

James Davies: Played 5 Years, Wears lime green nike mercurial vapors, age 16, Supports Swansea City And Arsenal, (Wearing Blue top, grey tracksuit)

Andrew Davies: Played 7 Years, Wears black nike mercurial vapors, age 14, Plays For Johnstown, Supports Swansea City, (Wearing Black and blue hoodie, Black and red tracksuit)

Charlie Morgan: Played 7 Years, Wears Black Adidas adipures, age 14, Plays for Gowerton Juniors, Supports Swansea City, (Wearing black t-shirt, black and blue tracksuit)

James Taube: Played 3 Years, Wears Blue Nike Mercurial Vapors, age 16, Supports Swansea City and Liverpool, (wearing white swansea city top and black tracksuit) (He also attempted the flip).

All from Swansea, UK

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