Antony Spin Move

Antony took a lot of heat for spinning in a circle. Let him spin if he wants to. I don’t mind players doing their tricks. It shows confidence and it keeps the game fun. Yes, you’d like to have a reason behind the move or trick and a purpose. Where it leads to a goal or goal scoring chance. But especially for players like Antony, keeping the game fun and creative is important. In many ways it’s similar to some fans saying that Brazilian players shouldn’t dance after scoring goals.

To show their support for Antony hopefully we’ll see more players copy this spin move and do it in an actual game. Some people called it showboating but really it’s the Ginga of the game. Spin moves and tricks like this are all part of Joga Bonito.

And of course it is Antony’s Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo who originated the spin move. Antony though has now done it in a game. A Champions League game no less!

All of the flack that Antony too after this spin move trick also reminds me of when people went after Neymar for doing his rainbow flick at the end of a game. What does this Antony spin move show? It shows he has balance and control! Sure, you want him to achieve something with this move but I’d say thaw will come later for Manchester United. In a future game you’ll see Antony spin away from pressure and score or play a killer pass.