Back-Heel Battle: Mbappe Versus Suarez

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Back Heel Battle

PSG’s Kylian Mbappe and Barcelona’s Luis Suarez both scored beautiful back-heel goals this past season, but which was better? Most people in the comments section are saying Suarez’s back heel is clearly the best. It will be sad to see Suarez leave Barcelona and he will be surely missed. Here’s what Suarez said about the back heel goal:

“It’s the best goal of my career,” Suarez, who has now scored against all 28 teams he has faced in La Liga, said of the 43rd-minute goal. “I knew that it was a tight angle and the last option I had was to hit it with my heel. I was looking to bounce it because I had very little chance against the goalkeeper. [Head coach Ernesto] Valverde tells me that sometimes I miss the easiest ones and score the most difficult ones.”

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