Barcelona’s One Touch Football

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Barcelona’s One Touch Football

Check out this wonderful video of Barcelona playing inspired one touch football (soccer). Yes, this is one of the greatest teams of all time with perhaps the greatest player of all time, in Lionel Messi. How many one touch passes can your team put together?

During training with your soccer team, try playing one touch soccer just at a walking pace and then build up speed when your team has the hang of it – when the team has put ten or twenty passes together in a row just at a walking or jogging pace. Yes, it can be hard for some youth teams to play one touch even without defenders or when moving at a walking pace.

don’t even have defenders around, just try to play one touch and count the number of passes your team can put together and then slowly add a few defenders and build up the speed of play. First have the defenders just move slowly.

Working on playing one touch soccer will get your team to move in support for one and another right away. It will get them to just play and think faster. And that’s the key to playing one touch soccer, players moving to ask for the ball and get open.


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