Barcelona’s Iniesta: La Pausa

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Iniesta's La Pausa Move

Iniesta’s La Pausa move: In Spanish football, and in Barcelona in particular, there’s a term called: La Pausa. What does La Pausa meaning exactly. Sure, on the face of it one understands it means to pause, but it’s much more than that. In a way, it describes the secret to unlocking a defense. And even more so, La Pausa is the secret to why Barcelona players are so clever and create so many goal scoring chances. And who of course is the master at La Pausa, why Andres Iniesta.

Here’s allasfcb with an excellent description of Iniesta’s La Pausa move. It is not moving though. It is a pause!

“On the same audio clip Sid Lowe mentions Iniesta’s gameplay and how he beats player with holding the ball, inviting players towards him, brings towards them, holding the ball and then releasing the ball just at the right time to his teammates who is now free because 2-3 players are marking now Iniesta.

People in Spain also call it La Pausa, the ability to create calm, to wait just long enough to release the ball, to have that almost panoramic slow motion view when others are playing 100mph that gives you the ability to dictate the game and tempo.”

Watch Barcelona’s Iniesta’s La Pausa move and sorcery in the video below. You may have to click over to YouTube to watch Iniesta’s la pausa move. That subtle holding of the ball and waiting for Messi to make his run is what La Pausa is all about.

Countless players over the years have spoken of the honor of sharing a changing room with Andrés Iniesta. Not only for the magic he produces during games across the continent, but also for the quality he demonstrates on the training field.

The FC Barcelona captain’s talent is not just saved for the big stage, but in preparatory sessions at Ciutat Esportiva. Enjoy the video where Iniesta shows off his skills. Here is why Iniesta is so good when game time arrives: he puts the work in on the training pitch. It’s just his nature, every time he steps on the soccer field he comes to play. And yes, Iniesta does the La Pausa move in training too!

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