What Is The Machnik Method?

What is the “The Machnik Method”? Put simply, it’s a soccer coaching strategy based on small sided play. The reason is simple: more involvement. From the youngest age groups to the professional ranks; teams, leagues, and soccer organizations are now incorporating more small sided play into their practice plans. The reason is simple: more involvement. We call the small sided theory “The Machnik Method” after Dr. Joe Machnik.

But it’s not just getting everyone involved in the play. It’s playing in tight spaces where players are put under pressure and have to perfect their skills in game like situations. Of course, small sided games are much better than long lines and players standing around and waiting too.

Really though, small sided games can duplicate what goes on in a game better than structured soccer drills. Often you’ll hear about creative elite soccer pros who developed their game playing street soccer. Growing up they played in the park with friends with no coaches around and where help to try new things and moves on the field. In a way, this is what small sided games and the Machnik Method tries to instill in young players.

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Each campsite is organized into well balanced small groups of field players and goalkeepers with concentration of play on both sides of the ball in the 35 yards immediately in front of the goal, utilizing our unique Go to Goal curriculum. The Machnik Method is recognized as the industry standard. Many No.1 Soccer Camps present sold out situations so it is important to register early! Register NOW