Barcelona’s Xavi Ball

Xavi ball. Tiki taka is back at Barcelona. Pedri loves to solve these passing puzzles. To keep the ball while under pressure in tight spaces. A series of short passes and then Barcelona breaks out of the pressure and are on their way. With Gavi, Pedri and Frenkie de Jong in the midfield, Barcelona’s are going to be possession kings of La Liga and maybe Europe.

Teams are once again going to hate playing Barcelona and worry about not touching the ball! Remember that time Cristiano Ronaldo got trapped in a Barcelona passing triangle?

And with the addition of Aubameyang, and his ability to score goals, Barcelona are well on their way to their pervious glory. Let’s hope. I do worthy though about Aubameyang and his goal celebration flips – don’t want him to injury himself!

Watch Pedri and Dani Alves escape pressure in the video below. Barcelona had 72% of the possession versus Atletico Madrid. Pretty amazing, really. Barcelona is back!

Here’s what Xavi said about possession via I wonder what the highest possession total will be for Xavi ball in the years to come while he’s manager. Will he top Pep Guardiola’s possession totals?

His team craves the ball, just as he did as a player. “It’s clear to me my team has to control the ball; I suffer when I don’t have it,” he told The Coach’s Voice.

“When I was a player, and even more so now on the bench, I do everything possible to dominate the ball through possession. I’m obsessed with possession. Not just for the sake of having it but for attacking and creating chances.”