Karim Benzema Curler

Benzema curler. The weight of the pass though by Toni Kroos really enables Benzema to strike the ball first time and bend the ball into the far corner. Kroos almost does a kind of no look pass right back to where the ball came from rather than switch the field of play.

Yes, since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid Benzema has come into his own. And yes, Benzema is still underrated. The sort of geometry for this goal is genius. A brilliant bend on the soccer ball by Benzema. A crafted goal. Silky smooth. From an angle you’d link was just too far outside and near the edge of the box to score.

Real Madrid might run away with the La Liga title this year if they keep this up. They are now eight points clear of Sevilla with usual title chasers and all-time rivals Barcelona nowhere to be found.

Karim Benzema scores twice in the first seven minutes as Real Madrid get three points in the LaLiga standings with a 2-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao.

One of my favorite Benzema goals is him latching on to the famous Guti back heel!