Barefoot Flick Finish

Street soccer of the highest level. Some kids playing pickup soccer in Brazil, barefooted, and one young future soccer star scores with an inside of the foot flick. In fact, it’s a no look barefooted flick finish with the inside of his foot on a small goal. Try that at home.

And yes the pass was equally good – bending the ball right to the foot of his teammate. This is really what soccer is all about. This is Ginga. And the kid was nearly injured after falling into a hole before he scored.

Who needs soccer cleats when you can play with such skill while barefooted. As someone mentioned, my feet hurt just watching this. I’m hoping the popularity of this video enables the young kids to get some soccer shoes and gear to wear. Maybe a few soccer jerseys as well. They deserve it.

I’m sure Cristiano Ronaldo would be happy to give these kids a few jerseys and some shoes. It is after all Ronaldo’s celebration the kid does after he scores. Really though, that no look goal is all Ronaldinho.