Favelas Won’t Forget Neymar at Santos

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Neymar Santos

Personally, I’d like to see Neymar bring back some of his hairstyles from his days playing for Santos. Long hair in the back and short on top!

Really though, Neymar took Ronaldinho’s style of play and increased it by one thousand percent. Neymar dances on the soccer ball and tortures defenders and embarrasses them to no end. You love to see it unless you have to try to stop him.

While some think all these soccer tricks and moves by Neymar are too much it’s really what the game is all about. Without it the game would be a lot more boring. Protect the artists in the game and let them play with joy.

Neymar, in the segment of the video below and captured in the picture at the top puts his hands on his hips! Saying, or rather, challenging the defender to try to take the ball. Who’s put their hands on their hips during a game…Neymar.

From Santos to Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain to hopefully back to Barcelona. But Neymar will never be forgotten in the favelas of Brazil where he learned to play.

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