Beckham’s Olympic Goal

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Who says you can’t score from a corner kick. When a player scores directly from a corner kick without any other player touching the ball it’s called an ‘olympico goal’. And that’s just what David Beckham did for the LA Galaxy the other night versus the Chicago Fire.

It doesn’t happen too often, and it’s rare that the player is intentionally trying to score directly, usually they’re trying to whip the ball in with pace and hopefully get a deflection so the ball goes in. Which is just what Beckham did, bending the ball at pace, but this time the ball went right into the goal without even needing a touch by another player. Take a look. During his time with the LA Galaxy Beckham has scored just about ever possible type of goal. Here’s his Olympico.

An Olympic goal, also called an “Olimpico,” is a goal scored directly off of a corner kick without contact by another player.

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