Beckham’s Red Card Versus Seattle

Beckham’s Red Card Versus Seattle

With Donovan on the bench do to swine flu, the LA Galaxy needed Beckham more than ever, so for him to get sent off at the 17 minute mark, takes a big toll on a team that was playing so well and winning games. The tackle was on one of his friends when he first signed with LA, Peter Vagenas, but don’t think this was a malicious tackle – with intent to hurt his buddy.

I think it’s a fair call; it is a studs up tackle, but perhaps not as vicious as some red cards in the past. What really hurts is that LA will play without Beckham for the next game. Just when he’d revived his image a bit after the early boos and banners at the Home Depot Center, he’s set to miss out on another game.

This of course is no England versus Argentina type of red card or the brutal Leonardo elbow on Ramos type of red card, but for a player with Beckham’s experience, there’s no need to go in studs up. He does play hard and tough, and that’s respectable. However, he’s got to know his team needs him on the pitch.


Beckham & Arena’s Thoughts on the Red Card

The two don’t see it exactly the same. Overall, I’d say Beckham has to know better than to go in like that.