David de Gea’s Missed Penalty

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De Gea Missed Penalty

David de Gea’s missed penalty: I wonder if this will be David de Gea’s last kick of the soccer ball for Manchester United. And it comes not from a ball played out of the back or a goal kick or punt but from the penalty spot in a shootout. And sadly for Manchester United, a miss at that. It was a soft penalty from de Gea.

An easy save really for Villarreal Gerónimo Rulli goalkeeper who smashed home his own penalty kick. It came down to the two goalkeepers and it was de Gea’s missed penalty that gave Villarreal the victory.

Villarreal won the UEFA Europa League on penalties after a 1-1 draw over 120 minutes in Gdansk, Poland, on Wednesday followed by an incredible 11-10 penalty shootout. Surely de Gea’s legs were tired after playing the entire match and extra time and then saving 10 penalty kicks. You can see de Gea leaning back when he strikes the ball. He was afraid to miss more than make it.

This David de Gea missed penalty kick could be his last kick of the ball for Manchester United.

In football, it’s all about redemption. Hopefully David de Gea gets another chance at Manchester United to win a trophy. Here’s what he said on Twitter with a picture of him and Alex Ferguson after the match:

“To fall and rise. Learn from the experience, fight again and win. @ManUtd. Thanks for your support”.

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