Benjamin Pavard’s Sidewinder World Cup Goal

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Pavard's Goal

Remember Pavard’s goal in the World Cup against Argentina? This is a sidewinder kick in soccer. It’s when you don’t strike through the ball directly but at an angle. You’re not following through and landing on your shooting foot but instead pulling the ball to the side. This puts spin on the ball. Roberto Carlos like spin. Where the ball seems to be going out of bounds but ends up in the upper corner instead.

And it’s not wonder that Bayern Munich signed Pavard after the World Cup. Watch how Pavard pulls the ball as he strikes it on the volley as he seems to fall towards the side when he strikes the ball. Pavard still strikes the ball cleanly, perfectly really, through the center of the ball but puts spin on the ball by falling towards the side rather than forwards.

Benjamin PAVARD’s goal from the match against France. PAVARD’s goal was picked as the best goal of the 2014 World Cup.

Benjamin Pavard – What Makes The World Cup Winner So Good?

Find out the secrets to Benjamin Pavard’s success! What many people say make Pavard unique is his ability to play multiple positions. He can play in the midfield as well as in the back. At Bayern Munich though, will Pavard get as much playing time as he should? Some say he should join Dortmund or head to England and play for Klopp, but there too he might have a tough time getting on the field as much as he’d like.

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