The Best Soccer Players Always Want to Play

The best soccer players always want to just keep playing, whether it’s practice or a game, they don’t want to come off the pitch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a three versus three game during training or a World Cup game, the best players want to win and want to stay in the game the entire time. That’s the case with Arsenal’s best player, Alexis Sanchez.

Right now, Arsenal is worried that he’s playing too much, both for his club and his country. Arsenal’s manager is worried that Sanchez might get injured playing in so many games and traveling so much trying to play for Chile:

Arsenal’s recent game at Swansea was 79 minutes old when the Gunners bench called for star forward Alexis Sanchez to come off. Sanchez couldn’t contain his disgust. He trudged off the field, wrapped himself in a coat and sulked like he’d been banned from eating dessert.

Arsenal was winning 4-0 at the time. And Sanchez had scored six minutes earlier. He would miss 11 meaningless minutes of action. “All the players are frustrated when they come off, some show it, some not,” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said after the game. “Nothing more than that.” WSJ

What’s forgotten though is believe it or not, Sanchez used to play for Barcelona. Could you imagine Barcelona fielding a team with Messi, Suarez, Neymar and Sanchez. Yeah, that just wouldn’t be fair.

Here’s a few great goals Sanchez scored when he played for Barcelona Sanchez played in 88 games for Barcelona and scored 39 goals:

But Barcelona had to sell him to Arsenal not just for salary reasons or fairness to other teams, but for playing time. I’m sure Sanchez would have been frustrated if he was playing all the time in every game.

But I wouldn’t go against Alexis Sanchez if he’s NOT playing for Arsenal or Chile, that’s probably a time to pick the team he’s playing against to win.

There’s now talk of Sanchez joining Manchester United, where he has more of chance to play in the Champions League than with Arsenal right now.

You’d think FIFA would have rules for how much players should travel and play for their clubs and countries. But if you have a player like Sanchez, I’m sure he’s going to break any rule that prevents him for playing the game he loves to play. And that’s understandable.

The big question though for Arsenal fans is can Alexis Sanchez lead them to an English Premier League title. If Sanchez gets hurt, or plays too much, which is what worries his manager, then there will surely be no trophy at the end of the year for Arsenal.

The other question that remains for Arenal fans and their manager: Can they keep Alexis Sanchez. His contract is up soon and as you can imagine, a lot of big clubs want to sign him – teams like PSG and even some big spending clubs in China.

So the problem for Arsenal is you want to keep Sanchez happy, let him play as much as he wants for his country and club, so you can sign him to a new contract, but also keep him healthy so you can win titles and trophies.