Bethany Balcer Headgear

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Bethany Balcer Headgear

Bethany Blacer of Lyon has been wearing headgear for ten years now. I’m a bit surprised more pro soccer aren’t wearing headgear like this. Especially since the headgear protection protects are getting better and better. From being more comfortable and lighter to just fitting better. I think Balcer might be the only professional soccer player who wears protective headgear when she plays in both the men’s and women’s pro leagues. The headgear certainly don’t hold her back or limit her game or stop her from scoring goals with her head! She was named rookie of the year in the NWSL.

Some pro players will wear headgear for a while after suffering an injury and or a concussion. But not a lot of players wear them regularly or for preventative reasons. I’m guessing headgear will become more common in the game just to protect players from head injuries. Manchester City’s Eric Garcia wore a headgear, almost like a helmet more so, after a collusion with his goalkeeper.

Here’s the back story on Balcer’s headgear from Storelli:

Bethany, now 25, has worn headgear for about ten years. “I started wearing it because my parents forced me to.” Of course, it wasn’t random- her parents wanted her to wear this soccer protective gear for her safety.

But eventually, she felt motivated to wear soccer protective gear for her head because she felt more confident heading the ball. Knowing that she had a lower risk of head injuries when wearing it was and is a reason she still wears it.

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