Sadio Mano Catches Zack Steffen Sleeping

Steffen goalkeeping mistake: Sadio Mane catches Zack Steffen with the ball under his feet and gives Liverpool a 2-0 lead against Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinal. Manchester City uses their keeper more often than most teams. The play goes back to the keeper often. But for Steffen, who isn’t playing regularly for Manchester City every week. It must be tough for Steffen to get in the rhythm of the game. And plus this wasn’t just any game but a semi final of the FA Cup at Wembley stadium.

Manchester City’s starting goalkeeper, Ederson, on the other hand, is cool and calm when the ball comes back to him. In fact, Ederson probably wishes he could join the attack or at least play in the midfield alongside Kevin de Bruyne.

However, Ederson almost cost City a goal when he was too calm on the soccer ball.

Ederson’s Near Own Goal

In the modern game of soccer keepers have to find that balance of being involved in possession and distribution but knowing when to just clear the ball. See Steffen’s goalkeeping mistake in the video below. He just hesitates for a second and Mane pounces on the ball and scores.

Really, I’m surprised more attackers don’t charge at the keeper more often. Usually forwards kind of slow up as they get close the keeper thinking they don’t have a chance. Instead, attackers should at least try to scare the keeper and go hard right at them. Samuel Etoo was good at this when he played for Barcelona.

One YoutTube commentor had a good take on the Steffen goalkeeping mistake.

Alejandro Suarez commented on the video with some excellent points – essentially Steffen trying to be too much like Ederson and prove he can play with the ball at his feet – trying too hard: “ESPNFC talked about this recently when they said: goalkeepers that do not see regular action often feel obligated to do MORE when they are out on the pitch and this creates a situation like this one. Steffen should just clear the ball, but instead he wants to “prove” he is a great passer (which he is fairly good at) instead of just punting the ball out of the danger zone. Horrible play, inexcusable but understandable when seeing the elements involved.”

Credit to Pep Guardiola though for defending Steffen:

“It was an accident, but we need him to try because that’s how we play our football,” Guardiola told reporters after the game.

“He deserves to play and after that he had a good game,” Guardiola said. “He made good saves and is an exceptional keeper.”