Brighton’s 30 Pass Move

Brighton’s 30 pass move ending with a Pascal Gross goal against Manchester United is a beautiful team goal. It would appear like the game is already lost prior to the goal. In terms of the ease with which Brighton connected passes. However, it was only 1-0 at that point. Moreover, for Brighton to score after a 30 pass sequence like this at Old Trafford, is pretty embarrassing for Manchester United.

Also, I think every Brighton player gets a touch on the ball – maybe two touches even. The keeper is involved from the start. Brighton swings the ball up and back and from one side to the other. Brighton really put Manchester United to sleep with their quick passes and their tiki taka imitation.

Additionally, at the 59 second mark in Brighton’s 30 pass video, Bruno Fernandes makes a bit more of an effort to try to win the ball but miss times trying to block a pass and just about seems like he wants to give up. The possession play by Brighton deflating him.

Watch the magnificent build-up play to Pascal Gross’s Old Trafford goal. Pascal Gross with a genius feint and finish. It is Pascal’s switch out wide the starts the actual goal scoring play.

What’s more, a former Manchester United player scored Brighton’s first goal: Danny Welbeck. It does make you think about Manchester United’s long history of what players they keep and let go.

Finally, for Brighton, who do they have come off the bench late in the game. Just a Barcelona player named Ansu Fati.

With players like Fati in the Brighton team it will be interesting to see where they finish in the English Premier League table. Currently they are in 5th place, right behind Arsenal. Many pundits are saying that Brighton’s Italian manager Roberto De Zerbi deserves much of the credit for their good run of form. And that he might be hard to keep as manager if they continue to have so much success.

Brighton’s 30 pass move might just be one of the goals of the year in the English Premier League. In way though, it almost comes too easy for Brighton & Hove Albion. Brighton’s 30 uninterrupted pass sequence leading to their second goal was a walk in the park for them.