Barcelona’s Tiki-Taka History

Enjoy the very best of FC Barcelona’s team-play and Tiki-Taka style of soccer / football from 2008-2017. The blueprint of Barcelona’s Tiki Taka football is something that team has been trying to copy the past few years. But how do you copy Barcelona if you don’t have Iniesta and Xavi and Messi. And if you want to play the Tikit Taka style of soccer every player on the team has to be skilled on the ball and have a perfect first touch. You need defender like Pique who can pull off back heels in the back and keepers who can play with the ball at their feet.

Playing exciting football and keeping possession of the ball is really the heart of the Barcelona club and so important to their history. It’s about the supporters, Los Culés, and their desire and really demand to have a team that plays a type of football they can be proud of.

Barcelona are about not only play winning football but attractive football. Barcelona want to win everything but also do it in style. Perhaps even to the point of embarrassing their opponents, especially Real Madrid. Oh, and if they can upset Cristiano Ronaldo while they’re do it even better. Remember the time Ronaldo got trapped in a Barcelona passing triangle?

Check out Barcelona’s Tika-Taka passing skills in the video below. It’s all about one touch play, passing & movement, a style of play created by Johan Cruyff and perfected by Guardiola! “It’s all about rondos. Rondo, rondo, rondo. Every. Single. Day. It’s the best football exercise there is.” It’s all about possession of the ball. Keeping it. Watch.