Weston McKennie Long Ball to Dusan Vlahovic

Weston McKennie long ball to Dusan Vlahovic versus Lazio. It takes confidence and belief to try to play a fifty yard long ball like this one from McKennie. Yes, he has time and space, but still a fantastic long ball by McKennie. Not a bad finish by Vlahovic of course either!

What’s more, Vlahovic makes the run because he knows and has confidence in McKennie playing this type of cross field long ball. Where did McKennie learn to play such good long balls? It is almost a core part of his game now. I’d bet it is his favorite thing to do in soccer.

Moreover, he’s only getting better at switching, crossing and playing long pin point passes like this one. Dare I say it is almost David Beckham like. McKennie, like Beckham, is perhaps more likely to look up and play a long cross field ball than a short pass. He’d rather play a long ball in fact.

Also, it is the fact the McKennie feels comfortable playing this long pass. It is like it is first instinct to look up and play a switch or a long ball.

Additionally, McKennie does it for the United States national team too. Often switching the field of play when he get the ball at his feet. He can play these looping balls in the air across the field to the feet or chest of a teammate making a run.

The cross field pass by McKennie isn’t quite “on a plate”, Vlahovic took the ball extremely well off his chest, but still a quality long ball by Weston McKennie.

Amazingly, Weston McKennie played in is 100th game for Juventus. He becomes the first American to play 100 games for an Italian club. Mckennie has plenty of time to add to that total too, as he still just 25 years old.

Overall, McKennie was involved in all three Juventus goals before coming off for Tim Weah.

McKennie, since returning to Juventus from his loan spell at Leeds United, as been playing wonderfully. He seems to be enjoying himself in Italy. I wonder if he is still wearing those roller shoes around the training facility.