Busquets to Messi to Alba

For the Busquets pass to Messi, how does he even find him or see him? Busquets has his back turned shielding the soccer ball. Also, Busquets pass to Messi is hit with pace. He whips it into the feet of Messi like he’s done it before!

Los Angeels FC think they have things under control and all of a sudden they’ve been scored on for the second time in the match. A lot of teams discover this when facing off against Busquets, Messi and Alba.

How many times have the three former Barcelona stars done this at the Camp Nou? Perhaps hundreds of times I’d guess. The three now Inter Miami footballers connect on a string of passes leading to a goal against LAFC. The Barcelona legends are doing it on a regular basis for Inter Miami.

Moreover, have there been three players in the MLS who play so well together? Three players who have such an understanding of where one another are on the soccer field. I don’t think so. It is almost unfair. Especially considering all three grew up in Barcelona’s Masia system at least for a period of time. Gaining an almost telepathic understanding of one another’s style of play.

Again, it is amazing just how Busquets even sees Messi with his back turned. If you look at the image above on this post, Messi is nearly out of the frame. Incredible vision from Busquets. But who else does he want to pass to!

Furthermore, the three make the game look so easy. However, for LAFC, you can’t let Alba coast past you on the wing without even noticing. And of course you can’t let Messi turn in the middle of the field without any pressure.

Sergio Busquets finds Lionel Messi who finds Jordi Alba and Inter Miami makes it two! What fun the three former Barcelona stars are having playing in the MLS. I’m sure this will not be the last time Busquets passes to Messi and then Messi plays a through ball to Alba.

Additionally, it is once more a play where Messi sneaks into the space nobody else sees. He just finds the space and the ball and once it’s on his favored left foot he’s deadly. Alba knows to make the run and knows Messi will see him. If it’s one trait that Messi holds it is unselfishness. He would rather a teammate score than himself.

Post game Messi said they are fighting to make the playoffs. While the three love to play the game of football they also love to win and compete. That is clear.

Lastly, since the game took place in LA, all the stars came out to watch Messi. Mostly actors but a singer and a potential king too: Prince Harry, Selena Gomez, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, as well as ‘Ted Lasso’ star Jason Sudeikis. Oh, and another Leo, as in actor Leonardo DiCaprio watched Messi rack up two assists for Inter Miami. Once stars see other stars at these Inter Miami games only more are going to show up.

A thought I had is when will Inter Miami play a friendly match versus Barcelona. Where would they play it?