Lamine Yamal Skills

Lamine Yamal skills at 16 years old are incredible. The ability to go at defenders on the dribble is a skill in soccer that every team wants and needs. And Yamal showed off his skills in a Euro qualifying game against Georgia.

Here, playing for Spain, Lamine Yamal’s skills are on full display. Watch how he goes right at the defender and then cuts the ball back at the last second. He is able to come to an almost complete stop after going at full speed to the line. The defender slides trying to block a potential cross from Yamal. He is the type of player that defenders are afraid to play against.

It looks like Spain and Barcelona have found a new star. I guess that is why Barcelona were comfortable with letting Ousmane Dembele leave to PSG. They had a quality replacement on the wing in Lamine Yamal.

Lamine Yamal became the youngest player to score for Spain in their 7-1 win over Georgia in European Championship qualifying game. ‘Lamine Yamal surprises you every day’ – Spain coach Luis de la Fuente said about Yamal.

One player that Lamine Yamal reminds you of is a former Barcelona player named Thierry Henry. While Henry didn’t spend too much time playing for Barcelona he does remind you of this young new star. They both dribble with ease and glide with the ball. It is hard to tell which direction they are going to go when they build up speed. Yes, it is early in his soccer career, but Lamine Yamal skills are similar to Henry’s.

Overall, since he is so young, hopefully they will give him time to adjust and make mistakes. Also, he will have a ton of pressure on him as he continues to produce for Spain and Barcelona. The expectations and demands will only grow.

Additionally, Lamine Yamal is probably still growing since he is just 16. He will perhaps grow a bit taller and grain strength in the years to come.

Spain and Barcelona are full of skillful players to watch, but Lamine Yamal brings a new excitement. He is a must watch footballer every time he steps on the pitch.