Messi Outside of the Foot Through Ball to Cremaschi

Messi through ball to Cremaschi is just incredible. The whole play though is insanely goood. Cremaschi seeing what is developing and possible and then waving his hand not once but twice for Messi to play him the ball is perhaps the best thing about the whole piece of art that it is.

There are so many things about this goal that are absurd. Like ten or twelve absurd things. Three players who led the absurd play had just come on recently. The sixth minute. As in Messi, Busquets, and Yedlin. Some of the announcers on MLS360 were talking about how casually Messi appeared warming up. But then said that’s how Barcelona players got ready to play, they weren’t like English players. For Messi, all that matters is he’s had the right about of mate tea prior to coming on. And Benjamin Cremaschi, had just come on in the 72 minute.

To start the play even Yedlin beats his defender with skills beyond a normal defender. And there’s the Messi spin turn that starts the attack. I mean if you’re to rank all the absurd things that happen in this one play that results in Messi’s first goal for Inter Miami in the MLS regular season I don’t know which is the highest ranked in absurdity.

Certainly the Alba outside of the foot pass to Messi in the box is insane. But perhaps the best part of the pay, or most unique, is that Benjamin Cremaschi is waving his hand and calling for the ball from Messi. Yes, the absurdist of the absurdly good is the Messi outside of the foot through ball to Benjamin Cremaschi, but the fact the Cremaschi is calling for the ball – sees what’s possible and that he can get the ball from Messi in behind and that Messi surrounded by New York Red Bull players can get it to him, is the highest ranked of the absurd in this play.

Also, from this angle you can see Cremaschi wave his hand calling for the ball.

The slipped in pass by Messi is absurd because it is with the outside of the foot yes but the pace of the pass is so slowly perfect. It is a teasing pass that Messi knows is going to get there but everyone else doesn’t. After Messi plays the ball he immediately rushes towards goal to get it back. A give and go. A one two in the six yard box.

The six or eight New Red Bulls players involved in the play are left flat footed and stand still. Watching Messi walk the ball into the back of the net with ease.

Additionally, if you look at the slow motion video of the goal, look at Yedlin looking twice at the Messi pass to Cremaschi, as he sort of doesn’t understand where or what Messi is trying to do. It is like Yedlin thinks Messi has made a mistake or certainly doesn’t see what Messi is doing. If you watch Yedlin closely it’s like he thinks there been some kind of glitch. Which is understandable. As it is an absurdly brilliant pass. It really is the goal of the year.

Messi through ball or slipped in pass to Cremaschi absurd elements ranked of the entire play:

1. Messi outside of the foot teasing through ball to Cremaschi
2. Alba flying outside of the foot pass to Messi
3. Cremaschi calling for the ball and raising his hand
4. Cremaschi understanding what Messi sees
5. Messi spin turn
6. Tata Martino putting all those players into the game when there up 1-0 and may need to rest

Moreover, there’s John Tolkin. Poor John Tolkin is the New York Red Bulls defender who slides to try to block the Cremaschi cross / pass to Messi. It goes through his sliding legs. There is some luck involved. Though very little. It is really a piece of art of a goal that will be recalled and looked back on for those involved on both teams. Remembering it in disbelief, on both sides, but more joy on the other. It is just a regular season game not meaning too much but look up in the stands and see all the Inter Miami pink jerseys and Argentina ones. They won’t forget what they have seen.

It really is a full force attacking gaol. Every moment is a push forward except the layoff to Busquets from Robbie Robinson. It is funny cause Robbie Robinson even puts his hands out asking for the ball from Messi before Messi slips the bal through to Cremaschi. Yedlin even kind of has his hand out asking for the ball or at least thinking that maybe Messi might play it to him. Messi thought his thinking attack and go to goal and get in behind.

Overall, what is painful for opposing teams and in this case the New York Red Bulls is how the goal is just Messi walking in the ball, tapping the ball into the back of the net with nobody in it or around. Everyone involved for New York with their head down or their hands up or shaking their head.

Interestingly, if you go to the key events section of the ESPN commentary, this is how the goal is described: “Goal! New York Red Bulls 0, Inter Miami CF 2. Lionel Messi (Inter Miami CF) left footed shot from very close range to the centre of the goal. Assisted by Benjamin Cremaschi.” Doesn’t quite tell the whole story or capture it exactly!

What’s more, the goal comes in the 88th minute. Inter Miami are winning 1-0. they could have just called it a game and go into a possession game. Keeping the ball. Running with the ball into the corners. It again shows Messi’s desire to score goals and just play the game. He loves it.

Lastly, Inter Miami head coach Tara Martino didn’t have to bring on Messi or Busquets or Yedlin or Cremaschi. He could have parked the bus and tried to hold the lead. Credit to him to let the fans see Messi. And see this absurdly good goal that they won’t forget.