Can You Play Pro Soccer With One Foot?

Do world class players have a weak foot? Can you play at a high level if you favor one foot? Ever soccer coach says you have be equally good with both feet. I know the coaches have been emphasizing this, but there are many world-class players who hardly shoot or cross with their weaker foot. Even if you play in La Liga, the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga or the World Cup, there are pro soccer player who pretty much do everything with just one foot.

Take a look at the great left-footed players Arjen Robben and Lionel Messi. And yes, there is a guy named Ryan Giggs who has a legendary left foot. He is still leading his team to this day, at 35. These top soccer players favor using one foot. Really, they rarely use their other one, just when they need to make simple passes or control the ball.

Need another example? Rivaldo, a Brazilian superstar who played for Barcelona, ​​can only really use his left foot. I still remember him using his left foot to shield the ball in circles, making Sevilla’s players dizzy and powerless to stop him. His left foot is so good, he doesn’t need his right foot. So the point is, if you want to become a pro soccer player with your favored one foot, that foot must be incredibly good with the ball.

Who is the best example of a world class soccer player who uses one foot: Arjen Robben. The Bayern Munich and Dutch winger Robben loves to cut inside with his left favored left foot. It is his left foot that almost won the Champions League and the World Cup for his club team and country. How many times have you heard a commentary say “Robben wants to cut inside and shoot with his left foot”? How many times has he scored this way? Too many. How many times has Robben been stopped by a defender when he’s cutting inside with his left even though defenders know he’s going to do it….rarely if ever.