Learn How to Play Great Soccer

Whether you’re a youth soccer player, a college soccer player, a soccer coach or someone who simply wants to improve their game, you’ve come to the right place. At Soccer Training Info, you’ll discover useful tips and soccer training ideas that will put you on your way to becoming a quality soccer player and a better student of the game.

The best part about playing soccer is doing it well and ultimately winning, especially when it’s almost to the degree of embarrassing your opponent with your soccer skill and talent. Whether it’s making a great pass, scoring an incredible goal, dribbling by someone with ease—leaving the defender at a standstill, these are all great achievements and soccer skills that inspire a certain amount of well deserved satisfaction. So, let’s learn how to play great soccer.

What’s always been true about soccer is you have to put in the work in order to get better. Spend time with the ball at your feet and master it. Increasingly, it’s become important for young kids to spend time with the ball just having fun, learning to dribble, cut and shield the soccer ball. Even putting off learning how to shoot or pass until kids are comfortable with the ball at their feet.

And then it’s important for kids to play soccer on their own, in small sided games without soccer coaches – street soccer like many Brazilians play. What’s great about mastering the soccer ball and trying to get better is it only gets easier as you learn one new trick or skill. It’s hard to juggle the soccer ball the first time but with each kick it gets easier.

Even top soccer players are always try to get better and improve their game. The best players in the world in fact, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, still stay after training sessions to work on free kicks or different skills. Yes, the world’s best soccer players went to get better and learn something every time that step out on to the field.  Here are a few pages on our soccer website to start out with, soccer fundamentals and your first touch on the ball.

Pele: “There is always someone out there getting better than you by training harder than you.” See more soccer quotes here.

Don’t ever forget the joy that comes from playing soccer. The competition. The effort to get better. The effort to move the ball quickly.