Will Carli Lloyd Kick Field Goals in the NFL?

US Women’s soccer star Carli Lloyd breaks down her 55-yard field goal at Eagles practice on “Good Morning Football.” What’s crazy and sad in many way is Carli Lloyd has gotten more attention for kicking this 55-yard field goal than scoring goals in the World Cup final. And she’d probably make more money kicking field goals in the NFL in one season than she ever did kicking a soccer ball.

I wonder though, what if Lloyd’s field goal gets blocked and she has to make a tackle…? What’s interesting is if she can easily kick a 55-yard field goal maybe she can kick a longer one even….what about 70 yards. Although if she kicks one that long they should give her more than 3 points.

World Cup football champion Carli Lloyd has showed she could kick it in the NFL as well after drilling 55-yard field goals at NFL practice with the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday.

Lloyd, a south New Jersey native and longtime Eagles fan, connected on several 40-yard attempts with room to spare before hitting from 55 yards. The footage caught the attention of retired Dallas Cowboys talent evaluator Gil Brandt, who said an NFL team in need of a kicker, such as the Chicago Bears, should give Lloyd a look

Watch as Carli Lloyd discusses her 55-yard field goal at Eagles practice.

It’s not the first time Lloyd has kicked a field goal. Four summers ago, in 2015, the Houston Texans had a special guest visit training camp, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team star Carli Lloyd. See how she fared in a field goal kicking competition going toe-to-toe with defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. An all-new season of Hard Knocks kicks off Tuesday, August 6 with the Oakland Raiders, exclusively on HBO.

“I want to try it,” Lloyd told Julie Foudy, who hosts the podcast called Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy. “I want to put a helmet on, and I want to put pads on, but first and foremost, I want to play soccer for as long as I can.”

Yes, hopefully Lloyd will keep playing soccer for at least a few more years before she starts kicking field goals in the NFL. The money though, that might be hard to pass up along with all of the attention. The first female NFL player. The first female kicker. Those kicks will be a must watch.