Soccer: A Cherished Art Form

By Michael Shanks

A painter trains his arm and hand to make specific movements with a paintbrush on a medium. A soccer player trains his whole body to make specific movements with a soccer ball. It takes time though. One has to spend time with the ball on one’s own to master it. At first it’s hard to juggle the ball once or twice but before you know it you’re up to thirty and then one hundred.

One’s ’whole’’ body partakes in this art form. Not only that, but this art form directly mingles, intermixes, and meshes with those of your teammates and the larger, more organized art form of team strategy.

Going further, these creative bodies of art clash up against the opposing team’s artful strategy, with individuals clashing up against other individuals as well.

In a sense, the winner of a soccer match is determined by an infinite number of complex motions made by individuals in order to create a larger, more cohesive and effective creative strategy than the opposing team.

For many, the game of soccer is the greatest art form of all. Worldwide, it is undisputedly the most practiced art form, played by billions every single day.

Everyday kids across the world picks up a soccer ball and tries to master it.

The soccer ball might not even be much of a soccer ball at all in some part of the world, but the game is addictive and those who play become artists.

That’s one makes soccer so unique. It requires time spent getting so comfortable with the soccer ball at your feet that you can move it around in your sleep.

One artist on the soccer field is Sergio Busquets of Barcelona. And while Busquets is known for his incredible passing ability he can also skillfully escape pressure with his signature pull back move.

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