Coerver Coaching Founders Alfred Galustian & Charlie Cooke

Coerver founders: Who started Coerver? Who are the founders of Coerver? They are: Alfred Galustian & Charlie Cooke. Coerver Coaching co-founders Alfred Galustian and Chelsea legend Charlie Cooke discuss all things Coerver…the benefits, the history, and the future of their amazing soccer training program.

The best thing about Coerver Coaching is that it’s all about improving your first touch and getting more comfortable with the soccer ball. The Coerver Coaching method is the best teaching and training program in the entire world. Proof that it is effective is Coerver has been going strong for over 35 years in world football. Learn more about Coerver and Alfred Galustian & Charlie Cooke in this video below.

Alf and Charlie’s dedication to the game and extensive experience has formed the backbone to the business and made Coerver what it is today – a respected, established and sought after brand of football coaching which has revolutionized the way football is taught and learnt by players and coaches alike.

When starting the business Alf and Charlie’s mission statement was: “To develop Skilled, Confident, Creative, players who combine well with team mates and have the skills to go it alone”.

Coerver’s original mission statement continues to be at the heart of the business however, its curriculum and method have continually developed over time to keep up with the changing nature of the game whilst staying true to its foundational beliefs.

These beliefs underpin the “Method” and “Curriculum” taught to each player and coach which has earned Coerver global football credibility. The Coerver founders have had a huge and positive impact on helping soccer clubs to develop more skillful soccer players around the world.

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