Coerver Coaching: Improve Your Game

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Coerver Coaching: Improve Your Game

Practice your skills and polish your game all year long with Coerver Coaching’s Improve Your Game DVD training set! Designed to complement our soccer camps, these discs can be used by players at home, both alone and with the help of parents, friends or teammates. Improve Your Game focuses on three levels of self-improvement (Skill, Strength & Stamina) and includes:

Coerver Coaching: Improve Your Game DVD

  • 13 warm-up exercises
  • 13 speed drills and 7 variations with partners and small groups
  • 2 stamina / skill drills and 6 variation with partners and small groups
  • 11 group skill assignments
  • 12 variations incorporating stops, starts and feints
  • Relevant information dealing with the science and importance of exercising and proper sports training – aimed at parents
  • 20 home assignments
  • 6 variations of ground juggling skills


For maximum effectiveness, players should also be familiar with the skills learned on the Make Your Move DVDs.

Improve Your Game (3 Disc DVD Set) $69.95

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