Coever Coaching at Liverpool

Coerver Coaching Academy players visit Liverpool’s training grounds. It was not just the young soccer players though who attended, looks like some parents tagged along to visit Liverpool too. Can’t say I blame them. Who wouldn’t want to visit one of the greatest soccer clubs in the world. Coerver Coaching and Liverpool are two world class soccer programs – one a soccer training and coaching tool the other now becoming perhaps the best soccer team in the world under Jurgen Klopp.

Coerver Coaching at Liverpool FC.

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Play the killer pass like Liverpool legendary midfielder Steven Gerrard.

Keep possession and then unleash the visionary through ball with this guide from Coerver Coaching.

Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard is feared on the pitch for his inch-perfect raking passes, which often lead to goals. If you don’t believe us, watch his glorious assist for Daniel Sturridge’s goal against Fulham last season.

But making the killer pass isn’t just about the vision and technique required to hit it; you and your team-mate have to be in the best positions to begin with. So before you strap on those Stevie G goggles and prepare to launch a 30-yard assist, you have to keep possession until the time is right.

This drill from Alf Galustian of Coerver Coaching teaches you both key skills: keeping the ball, and moving to create space, as well as that killer pass itself. And if you’re not on the ball, don’t forget to make those runs for the passer – be the Sturridge to his Gerrard. You can even do the dance if you want.