Coerver Goalkeeping Essentials DVD Review

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For all the recent (and very welcome) trend towards “footballing” goalkeepers who can play superbly with the soccer ball at their feet, let’s face it: goalkeepers are different. Different kit, different rules, and quite often a different mindset – happier to throw themselves about (in ankle-deep mud or bone-dry conditions), happy to operate in the loneliest position on the pitch, ecstatic to see a game go to a penalty shootout. So there’s a different Coerver Coaching pack for them, adapting the usual Coerver pyramid method to the folks who wear gloves even in high summer.

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One thing you’ll learn is how to be a sweeper keeper.

Goalkeeping Essentials $49.95

For the price, this Coerver Goalkeeping DVD is an essential for young goalkeepers. Starting out in the goalkeeper position can be hard. Many times coaches and parents are really clueless about the position. So, it makes sense to get some good knowledge about the position by purchasing DVD.

And this isn’t just some random DVD you’ll see advertised late night on an infomercial. Coerver coaching DVDs have been around for 25 years.

With the Coerver goalkeeping DVD you’ll get a wide range of tips and ideas that are useful for goalkeepers of all ages and levels. The DVD gives you a good foundation of concepts to build off, from basic technique and handling of the ball, to footwork, mobility, positioning, shot stopping, crosses, distribution, and gameplay.

Here are some of the specific concepts you’ll learn that are important for all keepers in each of these key aspects of the position:

Basic Technique and Handling

Warm up ‘A’, The Ready Position, Receiving to Feet, Receiving to Chest, Receiving to Waist, Receiving Above Head, Diving Shape, Warm Up ‘B’, In The Goal

Footwork, Mobility, and Positioning

Fast Feet, The Double ‘D’, Short Sharp Save, Frantic Footwork, The Saving Tree

Shot Stopping

Ground Saves, Waist & Chest High Saves, Upper 90’s, In the Goal: Ground Saves, In the Goal: Waist and Chest High Saves, In the Goal: Upper 90s, Breakaways, In the Goal: Breakaways

Crosses and Distribution

Crosses: Warm Up, Positioning for Crosses, Positioning for Corners, In the Goal: No Pressure, In the Goal: With Pressure

Distribution: Under Arm Bowl, The Javelin, Over Arm Bowl, Line Drill

Game Play

Breakaway Save, Ground Save, Good Distribution, Ground Save – Bowl and Upper 90 Save!, Good W Shape, Save From Cross – Quick Javelin Throw, Good Upper 90 Save


As you watch the DVD, you’ll get specific, step-by-step details that leave no questions in your mind. You’ll know precisely what you can do right away to become a better goalie.

Keepers have to be fearless, vocal, natural leaders, and good communicators. There’s also a lot of pressure on the keeper. They might face one crucial test during the soccer game, and have to step up and make the save. It’s helpful if the keeper has a set of fundamental rules they can fall back on.

If a young keeper has a foundation, knows how he or she should be positioned for crosses or knows the right technique to stop a shot, then they can have the confidence to lead their team and direct their defense in an intense match. Through watching the Coerver goalkeeping essentials DVD, goalies can develop into top goalkeepers at move on to the college and professional level if they put in the work.

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