Complete Conditioning for Soccer

Grueling. That’s one way anyone who has ever played soccer describes the sport. Soccer requires spurts of speed and game-long endurance, so even the most skilled halfbacks, fullbacks, and forwards know they can’t survive on talent alone. It also takes unbelievable conditioning—the kind of conditioning that guarantees the stamina to run the field and still have the explosiveness to plow through defenders, battle for position, and drill the ball into the goal.

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That’s where Complete Conditioning for Soccer can help. Written by Los Angeles Galaxy head coach Sigi Schmid and Robert Alejo, a veteran conditioning coach who has worked with the UCLA Bruins and World Cup soccer teams, this book features numerous exercises designed to enhance performance.

Modeled after the same conditioning programs as those used by the Galaxy and Bruin powerhouses, Complete Conditioning for Soccer shows players how to get in the best possible shape with expert information on

• flexibility and warm-up techniques,
• strength training,
• power development,
• aerobic training,
• speed and agility exercises, and
• individual and team conditioning with the ball.

Unlike other books on the market, Complete Conditioning for Soccer is easy to follow—and use! That’s because the authors have combined step-by-step instructions with more than 125 photographs and illustrations to ensure that players use the proper form and technique. Use these expert coaches’ conditioning programs to outperform and outwork your opponents, game after game!

About the Author
Named the head coach of the Los Angeles Galaxy in 1999, Sigi Schmid led the Galaxy to the final round of the Major League Soccer playoffs that same year and into the MLS semifinals in 2000 and 2001. These accomplishments only add to Schmid’s long and impressive record of success in competitive soccer.

Before becoming coach of the L.A. Galaxy, Schmid served as head soccer coach for the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). His 21 years with the university were marked by an outstanding winning record of 322-63-33, 16 consecutive postseason appearances, and three NCAA Division I championships.

An assistant on Bora Milutinovic’s 1994 World Cup coaching staff, Schmid was appointed the coach of the U.S. Under-20 national team in 1998. He guided the team through CONCACAF qualifying rounds and into the FIFA World Youth Championships.

A successful player before becoming a coach, Schmid was a starter at midfield for the UCLA Bruins from 1972 to 1975. His long standing commitment to the game was honored in 1996 when he was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame as one of the first members of the American Youth Soccer Organization. Schmid currently resides in Torrance, California.

With more than 20 years of experience in college and professional sports, Robert Alejo is currently the strength and conditioning coach for Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees. He had previously served as the strength and conditioning coach for the Oakland Athletics (1993-2001), the UCLA Bruins (1984-1993), and the head strength and conditioning coach for the 1994 World Cup soccer team.

The author of the Oakland Athletics Winter Conditioning Manual, Alejo has also written 6 books and nearly 20 articles for major sports publications. Alejo graduated from California State University with a degree in physical education and biological sciences. Bob continues to lecture and publish on the topics of training program design and implementation for both men and women of all ages in every sport.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Fitness Demands for Soccer
Chapter 2: Flexibility and Warm-Up
Chapter 3: Strength Training
Chapter 4: Power Training
Chapter 5: Aerobic Training
Chapter 6: Agility Training
Chapter 7: Speed Training
Chapter 8: Individual Conditioning Drills
Chapter 9: Team Conditioning Drills
Chapter 10: Training Programs

Words of Praise
”Sigi Schmid’s Complete Conditioning for Soccer is the most comprehensive yet succinct sport-specific book I’ve seen on the physical dimensions of a soccer player, male or female.”

April Heinrichs
Technical director and head coach, U.S. Women’s National Teams Program

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