Cristiano Ronaldo Back Heel Goal Versus Hungary

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There’s a reason Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the best soccer players to ever play the game. With the cross a bit behind him, Ronaldo re-directs the ball into the net with his heel. While Ronaldo is hated sometimes for his temper tantrums, you can’t really question his desire or the way he always seems to score big goals for his club and country. Ronaldo is not a soccer player who is ever going to quit or give up. Portugal is moving on in the Euro Cup in large part because of Cristiano Ronaldo and his heel. You can tell Ronaldo loves to play the game of soccer and score goals and win. His passion for the game is what makes him so great.

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo score with his heel versus Hungary.

I’m guessing Ronaldo has scored with pretty much every part of his foot and body by now. And yes, that’s Hungarian goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly who loves to wear those sweatpants.

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