Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rainbow Flick

Does this count as a rainbow flick? A through ball to Cristiano Ronaldo sort of bounces off his old Manchester United teammate, Pique, and Ronaldo cleverly flicks the soccer ball up and over Pique’s head in a rainbow type fashion with his heel. The soccer ball soars up in the air pretty high and Ronaldo is able to run underneath it and smash the ball home for Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sorcery – No Look Pass 

Ronaldo ends up not controlling the ball out of the air very well, has a bad first touch, but maintains his cool and fires the ball past Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes. Actually, Valdes should have done much better on this play and made a save. Pique was even in the goalmouth ready to block the shot, too. Barcelona keeper Valdes seems to get a hand to it but just can’t stop it.

Watch the Cristiano Ronaldo rainbow flick in the video below.