Lionel Messi’s Free Kick Versus Chile

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Messi Free Kick Versus Chile

Argentina took a 1-0 lead over Chile in the 33rd minute thanks to an unbelievable free-kick strike by Lionel Messi. It was Messi’s 73rd international goal, just four shy of Pelé for the most ever by a South American player.

Arturo Vidal’s mohawk just not high enough to block Messi’s free kick!

And yes, the jury is still out on whether Messi is a better free kick taker than Cristiano Ronaldo. The two stars continue to try to out due one another on the soccer field. Ronaldo is a better penalty kick taker than Messi though.

Who would you want to step up for your team and take a free kick, Ronaldo or Messi?

Messi has become so adept at taking free kicks for Barcelona that players have started lying down behind the wall just in case he sneaks a shot under the wall.

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