Dani Alves Free Kicks

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Dani Alves Free Kicks

Just last week I said that Barcelona could really use a free kick specialist, that’s what they’re missing. Well, Dani Alves stepped up against Villarreal and finally smashed home a free kick.

In the past, all he did was kick the ball up and over or wide of the goal. He was in a rut, because he has scored off of free kicks in the past. Perhaps all he needed was a bit of confidence, a renewed confidence in his free kick taking abilities and now Barcelona have their specialist.

A Dani Alves goal off a free kick to win the Champions League against Cristiano and Manchester United? That would be a way to make a statement and Barcelona fans might not miss Ronaldinho’s free kick abilities so much.

Alves Goal Against Villarreal

Someone on Barcelona had to start scoing goals from dead balls. Here Dani Alves steps up and whips in a free kick for Barcelona.


Alves Goal Against Almeria

One of Alves goals from the past off a free kick. I’d sure like to know what his percentage has been this year, just how many free kicks he’s taken and how many he’s scored. I know there was another one where he scored from a free kick but the ball took a deflection.


Dani Alves Goals for Sevilla

The signing of Alves by Barcelona and Pep Guardiola might just be their best signing in some time. He’s not only a tough and tireless defender but a wondeful passer of the ball, and works so well with Messi, as they exchange short passes and give and goes that must so frustrate opposing teams. If he can score goals for Barca like he did while he was with Sevilla, then the signing will only soar in value for years to come.


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