Dani Alves – The Greatest Defender in the World

Update: Dani Alves signed with Juventus and has had an incredible season, helping Juventus make it to the Champions League final. I’m sure Barcelona very much regret letting him go.

Learn how to play like Barcelona’s Dani Alves. To start, here’s Alves’ guide to being a great defender (full-back). Requirements: speed, hard work, and a lot of concentration. If you watch Barcelona play, you’ll see that Alves has a great understanding with Messi, the two warm up together and then during the games seem to always find one another with the ball, as they exchange short give and goes and keep the ball.

Enjoy the best goals from our Brazilian star DANI ALVES.

A few thing standout about Alves, he’s certainly a defender who can get up and down the field, so he’s in great shape, but he’s also a team player, who doesn’t care who gets all the glory. He shares the ball and moves without the ball to support his teammates. Overall, he just wants to win games.

Alves quote: “I believe that full-backs are the assistant to all the other players, from the goalkeeper to the striker, reaching out a hand, helping when mistakes are made.

Here’s the Dani Alves first time volley that everyone is talking about:

If you’re a defender and want to play like Dani Alves, then get in shape so you can play both defense and offense, move without the ball and support your teammates, have a good first touch and control, use your body to shield and protect the ball. And work on your ability to volley the ball first time!

Is Dani Alves the greatest defender in the world? He’s certainly the greatest right back, but if you look his ability to attack and defend, you’d have to say he’s if not the greatest then perhaps the most valuable to his team. Just ask Barcelona. Who wishes they still had him this past season. Just ask Juventus. Who were very glad his was wearing their team’s Italian jersey this year.