David Beckham’s Masterclass: Shooting – Game Changers

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David Beckham’s Masterclass: Shooting – Game Changers

David Beckham gives youngsters a masterclass in how to beat the goalkeeper from distance for Sky Sports’ Game Changers. Beckham was known more for his ability to cross the ball, but here he shows you he can also shoot the ball pretty well too.


Here’s what former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson said about David Beckham:

“He was extraordinary. When he first came to us he would train morning and afternoon then show up in the evening to join in with the schoolboys. At the start of each season we used to give all the players a bleep test to get a sense of their aerobic fitness, and Beckham was always off the scale.

"True winners are relentless. The very best players compete against themselves to become as good as they can be. They have to be dragged off the training ground.”

Learn more soccer tips from Beckham at this pages below:


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