David Beckham First Training Session with PSG

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David Beckham First Training Session with PSG

Beckham goes with the pink adidas soccer cleats when he takes part in his first training session with Paris Saint-Germain. However, PSG manager Carlo Ancelotti said Beckham wasn’t fit enough to play in a game just yet and will need to train another week before he makes his debut for the French club.

Here’s video of Beckham’s first practice session. Notice how they have him running in the sand towards the end of the video. I haven’t seen this sand workout before – first he does a speed walk in the sand and then some jogging and sprinting. It must be a way to build up fitness and work the legs, as it’s obviously harder to run in the sand. I wonder if other professional soccer teams are doing this too.


One person I didn’t see at the PSG training session was the amazing Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I wonder if Ibrahimovic will teach Beckham some karate kicks or kick Beckham upside the head like he does most of his teammates.

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