David Beckham Trains with Arsenal

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Beckham Trains with Arsenal
It’s a very strange sight to see – David Beckham in an Arsenal jersey, but there it is. Well, it’s not a full game Arsenal jersey but to see him even wearing an Arsenal training top, that’s something to see for many long time Manchester United fans. The bigger question though is would Arsene Wenger sign Beckham for the rest of the English Premier League season? Arsenal sure have been struggling of late, they could use him. They’d sell a lot of Arsenal jerseys with Beckham on the back.

I wonder why Beckham doesn’t train with his old club, Manchester United. I’m guessing Alex Ferguson doesn’t enjoy all the attention Beckham brings, the sort of Hollywood aspect of cameras and press that surround Beckham everywhere he goes. Still, you’d think Ferguson would let the beloved Beckham train with his old friends Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Maybe Beckham is still mad about that time Ferguson hit him with a shoe during a halftime team talk.

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