David Luiz Goal Versus Manchester United

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David Luiz Goal Versus Manchester United

The big turn around at Cheslea is not the addition of Fernando Torres, rather it’s the Brazilian defender David Luiz, whose energy and fight have helped lift Chelsea the past few games. And then he scores a huge goal versus Manchester United. He’s now the talk of world soccer, gaining respect from some of the best players in the game.

Cesc Fabregas said this on this Twitter account: "David Luiz is looking to be a very good player and still only 23. He’s got class. Defenders playing well with the ball always my favorites."

Of course Fabregas is a little biased here, as Luiz’s goal verus Manchester helped Arsenal in their fight for the Premier League title. Full highlights and Luiz’s goal in the video below:

 Video: PL Highlights: Chelsea/Man Utd

David Luiz also has the best hair in the game today. And, with his curly mop of hair, has been called a palm tree and Sideshow Bob. What really matters though is he can play the game and only cost $35 million, half as much as Fernando Torres.

David Luiz Hair

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