David Villa Goal Versus Honduras

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David Villa Goal Versus Honduras

Spain hasn’t struggled in terms of creating changes to score, they have had plenty, but they have struggled in the final touch, the final kick, the final attempt on goal has failed them. Luckily, David Villa solved that problem for Spain today versus Honduras. Sometimes that first goal is very to come by, and if you don’t get it soon, it gets increasingly more difficult to score, as the other team gains confidence.

Villa lined up on the wing in the game, with Fernando Torres up front. He repeatedly drove at them on the dribble. And for the goal, he split two defenders before cutting back inside to beat the final defender and smash the ball into the corner.


Spain went on to win the match 2-0, with Villa scoring another goal. But the game should have been 10-0, as Spain squandered numerous chances. Villa missed a penalty kick to boot.

Honduras, in many was they were valient in holding Spain to two goals. However, they were beaten on the dribble time and time again and always left a foot in or tried to kick at the Spain players rather than standing them up.

When Spain looks back though, Villa’s goal might be one of the most important goals of the tournament. If he doesn’t score this goal it could have been a long day for Spain. One where nothing goes right, luck just doesn’t seem to fall their way. Shots going off the post and not in the net. Casillas making a mistake and his reporter girlfriend Sara Carbonero getting the blame. It could have easily turned into one of those games if not for the first goal by Villa. After that, the flood gets could open up and the true Spain will appear.

His goal celebration? It looks like he might be paying respect to bull fighters, sort of bowing down and sweeping his arm out like they do.

What’s scary is Villa has now joined Barcelona, and will lineup with the likes of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Ibrahimovic, and Pedro. It was be an even scarier side than last year with Villa in the squad.

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