Clint Dempsey on the Front of Building in New York

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Dempsey on the front of Nike Town in New York that is.

Clint Dempsey is very angry. Angry and excited after he’s just scored a goal, I believe. What is this image taken from? What soccer game? I’m guessing from one of the Confederations Cup games in South Africa last summer. He’s looking tough. He’s looking very determined.

This ad is all for the new U.S. national team jersey Nike has just put out for the 2010 World Cup. Credit to Nike Soccer for the photo.

Dempsey Nike Ad

Image credit to Nike Soccer.

Actually, now that I think about it, the image I think is from a Fulham game and they just superimposed the new Nike U.S. national team jersey on him. The picture is from when Dempsey scored for Fulham in the dying minutes, in the big comeback versus Juventus in the UEFA Cup.

Clint Dempsey Mad

The Clint Dempsey Celebration Killer Stare 

Dempsey, who had a few injury set backs this year with Fulham, is becoming perhaps one of the greatest soccer players the United States has ever produced.

Landon Donovan increased his potential with his loan spell at Everton, but Dempsey still reigns as the killer soccer player overseas. He somehow someway scores big goal after big goal.

Remember what Bruce Arena said about what made Dempsey a unique soccer player:

“Clint had a lot of ability. He has a nose for the goal. We have an expression for some players – for Clint, we continually said, ‘He tries shit.’”

Dempsey has had more success than any other field player in Europe. And he will now play in a UEFA Cup final with Fulham when they take on Atletico Madrid. But this summer could be a further breakout possibility for Dempsey.

If he has a strong World Cup he could end up playing for one of the big four in the EPL: Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United. I don’t think that’s out of reach for Dempsey, although he’d be wise to stay at Fulham I think where he’s nearly assured a place when he’s healthy.

This raging face of Dempsey on the Nike Town building in New York could be plastered all over the United States and South Africa too if he can help the United States win some soccer games in June.

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